Homage Nyc x Umbro Jersey
Art Direction, Design

Collaboration with the legendary U.K. football brand Umbro and Homage NYC records to create a crossover outfit, good for both raving and rocking the courts.

Photo by  Pana Vasquez - @panavasquez

Brooklyn’s HOMAGE Records aims to help address mental health issues in the music industry with the the launch of HOMAGE FC, an NYC based football club in the Bowery Premier co-ed league. Team members will rock rave-inspired jerseys created by HOMAGE in collaboration with Umbro.

“The "Fútbol es Música" long-sleeve uniform, designed by Italian designer Superexpresso, is a nod to seminal rave aesthetics and NYC iconography that helped define a scene created by people from marginalized backgrounds. The jersey design includes a cheeky play on the acid house smiley face and an HOMAGE club crest that bears resemblance to the emblem of Italy's Inter Milan, Superexpresso's team of choice. As can be seen on the jersey, we like to play soccer like techno - hard, fast, and with total freedom.”