Panetteria Rio dal 1929
Art Direction, Illustration

Panetteria Rio is a a “small bakery with a big mission that sits on the riverside in Mantova”, my hometown.
This “panetteria” is an activist bakery, where change can be savored with every bite through a counterculture of slow-processes in a fast-paced world.

Words by Lara Bongard.
Photography by Leonardo Ventura.

The Laboratory

Making cookies


A different approach
Here is an article about Panetteria Rio’s vision and practice, “Pasta Madre as Pretext for Exploration”.
Written by Lara Bongard, published on the beautiful magazine Mold.

I created this t-shirt for the celebration of the prestigious Gambero Rosso guide “Tre Pani” Award. The “Premio Tre Pani” is awarded to the 15 best bakeries in Italy, the highest recognition for bakers in the country.

Special Christmas capsule for Panettone
Limited tee
My mom loves the Panettone